HII is seeking an agency to produce the Video Presentation of the international project, “CRADR”


On 14 January 2021, Hydro-Informatics Institute or HII announced for an agency to produce the Climate-Resilient Agriculture for Disaster Risk Reduction (CRADR) Video Presentation. The project is the first joint collaboration within two Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN)’s working group, Agriculture (AgWG) and Disaster Mitigation (DMWG) and was funded by the European Commission and TEIN*CC with an aim to study climate change affecting agriculture on a small-scale case study (Phrae Province), then learn and adopt modern technologies transferring by ‘Partners’ from various countries e.g. Japan, Taiwan and India to solve the climate resilient problems and develop this area into ‘Smart Agriculture’ and also share among ASEAN countries.

However, due to the COVID-19 situation, CRADR activities has been totally transformed into an online platform. HII therefore found that video presentation is one of the media that will best illustrate the case study (Phrae Province) to partners and ASEAN members in CRADR operation.

The content of the video will be separated in 2 parts, not more than 5 minutes each, as follows:

  1. Part 1 – Describe the beginning of the project, problem and condition of the case study
  2. Part 2 – Show the cooperation of the project e.g., brainstorm, analysis, implementation of their technologies and project summary.

Therefore, HII is seeking interested individuals or agencies that could bring out comprehensive insight and successfully conducted the task from 15 to 29 January 2021 .

For more information, please contact:

International Collaboration Section,

Special Project, Collaboration and Corporate Communications Division

Tel. +662-158-0901 Ext. 6013, 6010 (Official Hour Only)

Email: ia*@hi*.th

Full detail of Term of reference : TOR (Thai)

Full detail of Term of reference : TOR (English)