HII Core Values

Core Values

“ Innovative – Trust – Teamwork – Networking “I-T-T-N” : are the core values of HII to guide the employees’ mindset and behavior to the same direction with HII. By doing so, this will motivate employees to create innovative science and technology research for hydroinformatics and agriculture to broaden the implementation of science and technology to...(เนื้อหาขาด)

Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking : challenges to find new solution, innovation, and looking for new ideas in order to specialize in their own field and manage, develop and improve work efficiency at all levels including individual, division, and organization


Trust :create trust from the successful cases, keep the promise that is committed to others, provide correct and complete information to others, and abiding to the rules and regulations of HII


Teamwork : Set the same goal, listen to others, communicate for mutual understanding and participation from all members for exchange of opinion


Networking : build connection and maintain good relationship with all partners either inside or outside the organization for all suggestions, requests and collaborations