CRADR is a project funded by European Commission. The project was collaborated between Disaster Mitigation Working Group (DMWG) and Agriculture Working Group (AgWG), under the Asia-Pacific Advanced or APAN network which linked between members of research agencies and educational institutions from all over the world. The project aims to study climate change affecting agriculture on a small scale case study (Phrae Province), then learn and adopt modern technologies transferring by ‘Partners’ from various countries e.g. Japan, Taiwan and India to solve the climate resilient problems and develop this area into ‘Smart Agriculture’. Moreover, the project will be participated and shared among ASEAN members so that each country can study and adopt the outcome from this project to deploy in their own country.

Supporter : TEIN*CC under the authority of European Commission

Project duration : December 2020 – May 2021

Partner consists of

CRADR Activity Plan

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all countries announce their people to avoid travel across other countries. Therefore, CRADR’s activities are transformed into virtual ‘Workshop’ and alternated by ‘Site-visit at Phrae Province’ as the detail below:

Workshop (Virtual Meeting)

  • Workshop 1 : 22-24 February 2021, hosted by HII&IITB, Thailand
  • Worskshop 2 : 15-16 March 2021, hosted by NARO, Japan
  • Workshop 3 : 6-7 May 2021, hosted by ASGC, Taiwan

Site-visit at Phrae Province

1st trip 7-9 March 2021 – Site survey to explore and summarize local context, possibility of local connectivity, and future action needed

2nd trip April 2021 – Follow-up of the project and preparation for the training on key technologies and innovations to be transferred to Phrae province

3rd trip May 2021 – Summarize and transfer of knowledge from the training in Japan to local authorities and communities

Expected Outcome

  1. Learning ‘Smart Farming’ good practices and lesson from the study site (Phrae Province) 
  2. The improvement of optimization productive by STI at the study site 
  3. Information and disaster short-term impacts analysis
  4. Sharing of technologies for climate change forecast towards climate-resilient agriculture and smart farmers
  5. Improving climate change impacts awareness and resilience in agriculture aiming food security
Working Group Monthly Meeting through online conference