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Under Section 10, paragraph one, of the Act on Electronic Operation 2022, mention that all citizen’s request or contact to government sector or government officer through electronic channels shall be officially received on the same date and time. Therefore, Hydro-Informatics Institute (Public Organization) shall establish electronic channels for submitting the requests or contact to enhance convenience and increase efficiency of official duties.

According to the authority under section 29 and 30 from Royal Decree on The Establishment of Hydro-Informatics Institute (Public Organization) 2019 as specified in section 10, paragraph one, on the Act on Electronic Operation 2022, the Director has issued the following announcement:


No. 1 The following electronic channel is provided for the public to submit requests or contact HII electronically.

No. 2 In case the applicant or the contact person from channel No. 1 inquire or request confirmation from HII regarding the receipt of their request or contact, they can contact HII at the official business hours via telephone number +66 2 158 0901

No. 3 Citizen may capture screenshots from the computer or electronic devices as preliminary evidence that they have submitted a request or contacted HII through the channel No. 1