RECONECT (Regenarating ECOsystems with Nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological risk rEduCTion)


Regenarating ECOsystems with Nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological risk rEduCTion or ‘RECONECT’, funding by the European Commission under the “HORIZON 2020 Research and Innovation Program” which is the most funded project for research and innovation program in the European Union

RECONECT was responsible by IHE Delf, Netherlands, who is the major responsible person of this project. The purpose is to focus on the hydro-meteorological risk reduction with Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) which demonstrates the balance of People-Water-Nature through the participation and the usability of appropriate technology or innovation (Gray-Green-Blue solutions). Besides, the project was conducted on the prototype site in Europe (Demonstrators) by adapting the prototypes under the NBS solutions framework from other networks around the world (International Collaborators). This model is expected to extend (Scaling) to both in Europe and worldwide by applying the NBS solutions appropriately.

RECONECT was officially began on the 1st of August 2018 with total duration of 60 months. The General Assembly Meeting will be organized in various countries every 6 months to monitor the progress and visit the NBS prototype sites of each country. HII contribute in the RECONECT project in 2 major Work Packages:

1) Work Package 3: “Co-evaluation and Validation – HII participated in the ICT platform working group to develop a tracking system of evaluation on the NBS prototype site in RECONECT networks by using our expertise of the Data Visualization and the Mobile Application.

2) Work Package 4: “Overcoming barriers, upscaling and synergies with collaborators– HII became a part of International Collaborator to present a prototype site of Community Water Management in the Rangsit community, Pathum Thani province, where 3 canals (Klong 8-9-10) can be revived to support the diversion of water from the Raphiphat Canal, the lower Chao Phraya River Basin.

Since 2018, HII has continued many activities under RECONECT project e.g.

1st General Assembly Meeting in Portofino, Italy

25 – 29 September 2018
HII attended the first RECONECT meeting to identify the first-year plan and seek for the connections of each part (interdependencies). In addition, all participants also visited the San Fruttuoso di Camogli, one of the Demonstrator’s prototype site.

San Fruttuoso di Camogli one of the prototype site or Demonstrator in Italy

2nd General Assembly Meeting in Zwolle, Netherlands

7 – 11 May 2019
The 2nd project meeting to present the progress and jointly plan for the first round of presentation in September 2019. After the project has been run for a while, the working group agreed that all WPs should work in parallel. Therefore, the communication, integration and combination in each activity will be a major factor in project implementation to achieve its objectives. Furthermore, participants also visited at Veessen-Wapenveld, an emergency spillway of Netherlands (a prototype from Room for the river project). 

Veessen – Wapenveld, an emergency spillway of Netherlands

3rd General Assembly Meeting in Nice, France

30 September – 3 October 2019
The 3rd project meeting was to present the work progress and jointly plan the next step of operations. In summary, all of WPs operation should be carried out in parallel. Therefore, the communication, integration and combination in each activity will be a major factor in project implementation to achieve its objectives. Moreover, the working groups also visited 2 Demonstrator sites as:

1) Eco Valley in Nice, a new urban development focusing on the environment, sustainability, innovation and architecture.

2) Var River, the major river of Nice which had formerly experienced drought. Therefore it was changed from a Gray infrastructure to a Green infrastructure (Nature-based solution) that can solve water problems finally.

Ms. Pakarat Danusatianpong, Director of Community Water Resource Management Division, presented the Rangsit Community progress which is Thailand prototype site of this project.


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