The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signing Ceremony between HII and AIS on “The Installation of Mobile Phone Tower and Automated Telemetry Station Installation”


On 17 March 2020 at Hydro-Informatics Institute, HII and Advanced Wireless Network Co., Ltd. under Advanced Info Service Public Co., Ltd. (AIS) signed the MoU to collaborate on “The Installation of Mobile Phone Tower and Automated Telemetry Station”.

This MoU aims to support the installation of Automated Telemetry Station to monitor weather, rainfall and water level in upstream forest in order to collaboratively survey, define the installation location and install the Automated Telemetry Stations. This cooperation includes the signal transmission system through telecommunication network to cover upstream forest area with a concern on that consider to upstream forest preservation.

This collaboration will promote the participation from local people in the upstream forest area by applying the information from Automated Telemetry for disaster prevention and warning in community level. This MoU will also emphasized on the participation of people on the preservation of natural resource and environment in upstream forest area.