HII joined 2019 Mekong Research Symposium and presented WRF-ROMS


On 16-18 December 2019, Hydro-Informatics Institute (HII), Ms.Karnjana Saengprapai and Ms.Sasiprapa Tanyong from Hydro Data Science Section, Hydro Informatics Innovation Division participated in the “2019 Mekong Research Symposium – Building Communities of Collaboration and Innovation” at Hanoi, Vietnam.

This symposium aimed to build collaboration between the memberships of Mekong River Basin and the allied countries of the world that will be teamwork in the future. The activity included presentation on innovation and other information to be integrated for the improvement of water management system in Mekong River based on science and technology.

In the meantime, HII representative presented the usage of WRF-ROMS Model and how to integrate the output from WRF-ROMS with Decision Support System for Water Management which was an innovation for operation level.