Dr. Royol Chitradon and HII’s Board of Directors monitored community water resource management for bald mountain and drought preparation by agroforestry at Chiang Mai province


On 12-15 March 2020, Dr. Royol Chitradon, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hydro-Informatics Institute (HII) with Board Committee and HII staffs, visited Mae Chaem-Mae La Oup River Basin Network Communities, Chiang Mai Province to monitor the progress of their Community Water Resources Management Project.

HII Boards discussed with local agency in Mae Chaem and Kalayaniwattana Districts, networked communities, and related agencies e.g. Royal Forest Department, Department of Water Resources, Watchan Royal Project Development Center and SCG on the “Drought Resilient” planning, the support for Hydropower and Solar Cell Systems, rehabilitation of bald mountain by agroforestry, planning for the restoration of Dry Evergreen Forest to Moist Evergreen Forest, and expansion of the achievement to other communities in Mae Chaem and Kalayaniwattana Districts, Chiang Mai Province.

Meanwhile, HII team surveyed and monitored project progress and suggested development and expansion guideline to other communities as follows,

Mr.Montri Passakornwong, a Former Village Headman of Maesa Village at Maesa Community, Mae Na Chon Sub-district, Mae Chaem District, has applied New-Theory concept and rehabilitate bald mountain by using agroforestry, decreasing sweet corn, and managing water by using solar cell pumping system to store water in a highland tank and drain the water to a farm.

Maehoi Community, Mae Na Chon Sub-district, Mae Chaem District, constructed the Canal Street to control flash flood to flow through the road then fill the Sediment Trap pond, then finally distribute to household’s storage.

Mae Kho Community, Mae Na Chon Sub-district, Mae Chaem District, adjusted their cultivation practice from monoculture to agroforestry by decreasing sweet corn growing and bald mountain rehabilitation.

Mae La Oup Community, Chaem Luang Sub-district, Kalayaniwattana District, recover upstream forest, build check dams, develop hydropower system to pump water to the distribution system for agriculture, and now studying and planning for the cold storage system.

Mae Daet Noi Community, Mae Daet Sub-district, Kalayaniwattana District, is the Community Forest Conservation Model and construct flash flood catchment system, water reserve system to distribute water for household consumption, and expand the household consumption reservation concept.

From these achievement, the communites are ready to expand the result of Community Water Resource Management following His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Initiative with the participation from local community and all sectors to sustainably solve the water management problems.