HII is moving forward to establish a network for water data centers in the province of Tak.


On March 14-15, 2023, the Hydro-Informatics Institute (HII), in collaboration with the Tak Provincial Administrative Organization, conducted a practical training program titled “Information Project for Water Resource Management in Tak Province for the Fiscal Year 2023.” The training took place at the Tak Provincial Administrative Organization’s conference room, and was officially opened by Ms. Pudkaew Pansupa, the Deputy Governor of Tak Province.

A pivotal starting point in advancing the Tak Province Water Data Center is the creation of a collaborative network based on mutual understanding and community involvement. This approach involves comprehending local issues and formulating development plans that align with the specific needs of the local communities, all driven by locally-sourced data. The ultimate goal is to translate this cooperative effort into enriched regional data that contributes to the National Hydroinformatics Data Center while empowering the province of Tak to take an active role in water management for the future.

Participants in this training program were selected from four flood-prone sub-districts, including Mae Salid, Yak Krabat, Wang Man, and Wang Chan. This group consisted of 40 individuals, which included village leaders, government officials, and personnel from Tak Province. Their collective efforts are pivotal in ensuring the center’s success and in contributing to the establishment of a robust water data repository, furthering the region’s water management goals.