HII, DES, and Phatthalung Province jointly formed “Phatthalung Provincial Water Data Center”


To apply hydroinformatics for water management and support economic development in the province aligning with the BCG Model towards sustainable national development and prosperity.

On February 18, 2023, Hydro Informatics Institute (HII) executives and officers and their community network, together with the mayor of Thung Song sub-district, representatives of the 4th Army Region, the Friends in Need (of PA) Community Disaster Warning Network, executives and officers from the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society or DES, led by Adjunct Professor Wisit Wisitsora-At, the Permanent Secretary, and Ms. Sukanyanee Yawinchan, the Inspector-General, representatives from the Phatthalung Province Statistics and the Strategic Transformation Office (STO), and relevant agencies discussed the establishment of Phatthalung Provincial Water Data Center.

The aim of the Phatthalung Provincial Water Data Center is to promote economic growth through the application of water resource management information under the BCG Model. Phatthalung Province is a pilot province for integrated agriculture development with the BCG Model. Successful examples of managing water resources using information were presented, including:

1) Integrated Water Management Center in the Southern Border Provinces (SBPAC)

2) Trang Basin Management Center

3) Community water management in Thale Noi Basin in Phatthalung Province.

Mrs. Nisakorn Wisitsora-At, the Governor of Phatthalung Province, participated in a study visit to observe the following community water management initiatives:

1) New Theory Agricultural plot in Pa Phayom Sub-district, Pa Phayom District, Phatthalung Province, and

2) Fire prevention and rehabilitation site at the Khuan Khreng Peat Swamp Forest in Thale Noi Sub-district, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province.

From the discussions and field trips to study the successful application of hydroinformatics for water resource management, it has been identified as a guideline for establishing the Phatthalung Provincial Water Data Center and developing information applications for water resource management under the BCG Model in Phatthalung Province. The Hydro Informatics Institute (HII), the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES), and Phatthalung Province will collaborate to drive economic development by collecting and linking important statistical data, particularly in the agricultural sector, to create a database that will boost Phatthalung Province’s GDP and integrate with the National Hydroinformatics Data Center: NHC system. This will extend to the central management system of the THAGRI data warehouse for the BCG Model, leading to the success of sustainable economic development at the provincial and national levels.