His Majesty’s secretary visited to follow up on the development project in the Din Kao pond ,Nakhon Sawan Province.


On January 14, 2022, Air Chief Marshal Sathitpong, the royal secretary of His Majesty the King, to follow up on the development project in the Din Kao pond, Ta Khli District, Nakhon Sawan Province, together with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, Deputy Director of the Crown Property, Director-General of the Department of Groundwater Resources. Leading by Dr. Dr. Royal Chitradon, Chairman of HII, who presented the progress of the development in Ban Nong Kra, Village No. 7, Chong Khae Subdistrict, which is part of its project’s mid-term development plan.

Ban Nong Kra Tha community regularly experienced flooding problems and lack of water for agriculture in the dry season. HII offered the solution by making a water trap over the hills to connect waterways to the Monkey Cheek and reserve water for usage in plots. Then, to drain the excess water to fill in the Din Kao pond and develop agricultural areas. For example, these 4 plots, where a telemetry station was installed, always monitored and tracked rainfall and water levels in order to solve the flooding in the rainy season, reduce water shortage in the dry season and also increase the quality of life of farmers.

In this regard, the follow-up project to develop in the Din Kao pond area by the Royal Secretariat in His Majesty the King and his delegation will drive the project to achieve success as planned in the near future.