HII collaborates with the Department of Mineral Resources to join collaboration in expanding the network and establishing a knowledge organization to provide water situation warning and define risk reduction guidelines


Hydro-Informatics Institute (HII) and the Department of Mineral Resources joined forces on July 7, 2023, to expand their network and establish an alerts and risk reduction knowledge base for water-related situations.

The meeting took place in the War room on the 2nd floor of HII and resulted in the identification of urgent collaborative actions to reduce disaster risks in vulnerable community areas, as follows:

1. Installment of Automated Telemetry Stations: The Department of Mineral Resources will set up 230 stations to monitor and warn of landslide hazards. This initiative builds upon research conducted at 25 existing stations and the knowledge base that HII has. Some of these stations may utilize telemetric equipment from HII for joint operation.

2. Hazard Alert and Notification Network: The Department of Mineral Resources, in collaboration with HII, will expand the network and build knowledge related to water situation alerts and risk reduction. Training titled “Train the Trainer” will also be conducted.

3. Establishment of Working Groups: These groups will work in a comprehensive manner to ensure mutual benefits for all relevant agencies.

Furthermore, in the near future, there are plans to develop and improve the existing system, including data systems, hardware, software, Decision Support Systems (DSS), and rainfall data, with the goal of enhancing data quality. Research will also be conducted in areas related to the application of InSAR technology for large-scale analysis and the development of a 5-year plan for disaster management. The Department of Mineral Resources will play a central role in inviting support from relevant organizations. This discussion marks an important step in leveraging the National Hydroinformatics Data Center’s valuable data resources.