HII won the “Valuable Open Data Set” award at the 2022 DIGI DATA AWARDS.


On November 7, 2022, Digital Government Development Agency (DGA) hosted the DIGI DATA AWARDS 2022 to agencies that disclosed open-government data sets in 2022. The ceremony aimed to promote digital government development under the “Data Driven Organization” concept and support the promotion of digital economy and society policies for all sectors. The awards also aimed to encourage participation in creating innovation from the usage of government data and build on innovative services to align with the needs of the government and public sector in using digital government services.

HII was awarded the “Valuable Open Data Set” award during the ceremony. The award was presented to HII for their open data set that had the highest number of downloads among the top 50 government agencies with standard open data set formats. This recognition highlights the significance of HII’s contribution to the development of digital government services, as well as the agency’s commitment to promoting open data policies.