6 PAO of the Upper North allied to apply information technology for water resource management at provincial level


On 24 February 2021, administrators and team from 6 Provincial Administrative Organizations (PAO) i.e. Phrae, Lamphun, Lampang, Phayao, Nan and Chiang Rai Provinces visited National Hydroinformatics Data Center (NHC) at Hydro-Informatics Institute (Public Organization) or HII to see its technology and operation.

HII presented technology and hydroinformatics system including water resource management good practices from the collaboration with provincial, local, community, public sector, HII and related government agencies. The participants exchanged and shared knowledge and operation guidance from different provinces, enhance readiness for technology and hydroinformatics implementation, which will drive local developments and build capacity on situation analysis, monitoring, prevention, and water management planning in either normal or crisis.

PAO is the agency working closely with people and the PAO can form the community network linking between community, local, provincial, and central authority to ensure participatory integration from all sectors. This is the starting point of the important mechanism for applying hydroinformatics for local development and build on the knowledge to effectively and systematically support provincial development.