HII, Utokapat Foundation and Department of Fisheries signed together the MOU for the Hydro-informatics Technology Development


On 18 November 2019, Mr. Sumet Tantivejkul, Chairman of Utokapat Foundation, Dr. Sutat Weesakul, Director of Hydro – Informatics Institute (Public organization) and Mr. Meesak Pakdeekong, Director General of Department of Fisheries, jointly signed the Memorandum of Understanding for “The Hydro-informatics Technology Development for the Water Management with Department of Fisheries and the Expansion of Community Water Resource Management Networks following His Majesty the King Rama IX’s Initiative” at Chaipattana Foundation.

This cooperation will support the mutual collaboration in community water resource management networks. The collaboration focuses on self-reliant water management which led to the increase of fishery production in the networking area. The collaboration also includes the linkage of network, exchange of information technology and data regarding fishery and water management to develop technological and innovative researches and jointly improve the efficiency of water and fishery resource management.