“Know of Water, Understand Weather, Comprehend Disaster”, the training on water situation monitoring and analysis for crisis preparation


24 August 2021, Hydro-Informatics Institute (Public Organization) or HII organized the training on “Water situation monitoring and analysis by NHC’s information system” for staff from the Ministry of Defence led by the Defense Information Technology and Space Department or (DIST), Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters and other related agencies through Video Conference at War Room, Hydro-Informatics Institute (Public Organization).

As a member of the National Hydroinformatics Data Center (NHC), the Disaster Relief Center from the Ministry of Defence found the data from NHC is useful and can be applied for disaster relief. Recently, the data was used for the geo-informatics system development for disaster relief which primarily focuses on the early warning maps. This geo-informatics system is now in the process of linking with various agencies, including NHC as well.

This training is organized in order to build the capacity of staff to comprehend the basic early warning system. It will provide knowledge and understanding in hydroinformatics and water situation monitoring systems for flood and drought forecasting, learning daily report techniques, and promptly provide holistic and accurate reports for a prompt response and planning during the crisis.