HII participated in “TCP Spirit – River Basin Nursing” bringing volunteers to learn Community Water Resource Management


On 14 November 2020, Dr. Royol Chitradon, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hydro-Informatics Institute (HII) and Dr. Royboon Rasameethes, Deputy Director of HII, participated in “TCP Spirit – River Basin Nursing” Limited project during 13-15 November 2020 at Baan Toon community, Baan Toon Sub-district, Mueng District, Phayao Province.

The activity was collaborated between Utokapat Foundation and HII, intending to share knowledge on Community Water Resource Management to volunteers from all over the country. The volunteers learned to nurture various water sources from the upstream above Huay Toon Reservoir until Kwan Phayao. This activity will not only strengthen water stability and understanding to the community, but also pass on knowledge and experience for the young new generation to understand, access and realize the importance of restoring and developing water resources.