2018: Development and Maintenance of Automated Telemetry Station project


During 2017 – 2018, HII has developed Automated Telemetry Station V4.0 to replace the previous technology which had been used for almost 10 years. The new system can measure more parameters and support parameters that increasing repeatedly and upgrade the look to be modernized in order to replace the old version that has been used for 10 years. The data from HII’s automated telemetry station is precise, accurate, and easy to use. Our automated telemetry station is easy to maintain and highly secure which can describe as follow:

  • Small – only 2 meters height
  • Economize – 30% cheaper from the original automated telemetry station
  • Easy Installation – only 1 hour installation

The highlight of the Automated Telemetry Station V4.0 is as follow:

  1. “RTU system” that install on Din rail module consists of 6 main modules and can be added later according to the requirement. The module can also be replaced individually in case of broken to save the maintenance cost
  2. Using the “Global Position System (GPS)” to set standardized time in order to reduce time error
  3. Using Standby Charging Battery to improve the battery life cycle from 2 to 3 years
  4. Using “Active Weather Measurements Kit” that consists of Digital Sensors and Solar Radiation Shield to reduce the effect from solar radiation and accumulated heat, the kit will also improve the accuracy of temperature and relative humidity by 10%
  5. Using the certified “Luminous Intensity” which improve the measurement accuracy
  6. Using prefabricated steel structure in order to decrease price by 50% and reduce logistic, installation, and maintenance cost

Currently, HII has installed 934 Weather and Water Level Automated Telemetry Station nationwide which consists of 585 Weather Stations and 349 Water Level Stations.

The map has shown HII’s Automated Telemetry Stations

HII’s Weather Automated Telemetry Station is an advanced monitoring tool with data communication supports which capable to monitor various changes of environment i.e., water level, precipitation, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, salinity, and dissolved oxygen. HII’s Weather Automated Telemetry Station are equipped with 3/4G, and satellite data communication in order to automatically transfer data to HII’s server in Bangkok every 10 minutes and visualize on www.thaiwater.net and ThaiWater Mobile Application. Also, HII has SMS service support to related organizations for prompt preparation and response in case of heavy rain which may cause disaster risk. 

The development and maintenance of Automated Telemetry Station

The development and maintenance of HII’s Automated Telemetry Stations in 2018 has completed to ensure over 86% of its stability, continuity, and transferability of data, and more than 99% of SMS alert to the relevant agencies is accurate in order to support the early warning for natural disaster.