HII won the 2019 PSEA’s “Government Service”


On 13th September 2019, Dr. Surajate Boonya-aroonnet, Director of Hydro Informatics Innovation Division and Dr. Kanoksri Sarinnapakorn, Head of Climate and Weather Section, represented Hydro Informatics Institute (Public organization) or HII to receivethe 2019 Public Sector Excellence Awards or PSEA, outstanding class in the “Development of Service”, awarded by Office of the Public Sector Development Commission with the research “Weather Tracking system by WRF-ROMS Coupled Model to alleviate damage from climate extreme” from Deputy Prime Ministers, Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam.

The Public Sector Excellence Awards or PSEA on “Government Service” is the award of honor given to the agency that has developed outstanding performance in civil and public services.

HII, as a government agency focusing on the development of government services and receive the 2019 PSEA, are thankful to the support of all stakeholders for this achievement. The award is very valuable for HII to perform a prompt action and operation to achieve the higher level of services in the future.